Marketing For Bail Bond Companies

Reaching customers with your bail bond service has gotten more difficult in recent months! Google and Facebook are bowing to public pressure from activist groups and have decided to no longer accept paid ads from those in the bail bond industry. Don't let this spell THE END for you and your company!


Your customers are still online and they're looking for you! But statistics show that most people aren't going to search through company after company, looking for the “right” bail bond service. They'll check out one to three companies and call someone, search over!


How Can You Be Sure They Find YOUR Company?!?


If you're not familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you can check out our pages that deal with website SEO in detail. For local businesses like bail bond companies, being found on Google Maps and being able to dominate local search results is key to getting your phone to ring and writing more bail bonds every single day.

Dominate Local & Mobile Search!


The majority of internet searches today are made using mobile devices. Like many of your customers, you've probably used your phone to search for, say...the local pizza joint. Google promptly brings up the “map pack” which shows you 3 pizza restaurants in your area. If you don't see the one you're looking for, you can click on “see more places” to continue searching for your personal favorite. If, however, you don't have a favorite pizza joint and just want a quick bite to eat, you might click the first “click to call” button on the map pack and order up a pie.

Be The Most “Relevant” Bail Bond Service in Maps

To Google, your bail bond service is a pizza joint. Based on where the user is when they search for you, Google is going to offer them the three most relevant bail bond services for their area. With no other data to go off of, Google will assume that proximity to the searcher is the most relevant data and simply offer up the closest results. However, given better information, Google will instead offer up more “relevant” results that combines proximity and quality for the searcher.

In some cases, the top organic search results correlate with top map pack results. However, Google often uses a blended algorithm that places websites ranking on the second page at the top of map pack results. Knowing what Google is looking for in map pack results is the secret to gaining and remaining in the top three map pack spots. It's the secret sauce for more phone calls and writing more bonds for your company.

Map Pack Secret Sauce

Knowing how Google determines who is the most “relevant” business for a search query, is the secret to always being listed in the top three “map pack” results. It is also the secret to being found more easily by clients, getting more calls, and writing more bail bonds. It takes more than standard search engine optimization and more than good keyword optimization to convince Google that your company, out of the dozens out there in your area, is THE ONE to put at the top of their list for map pack results, especially in high competition areas.

Get A Local Search Checkup!

Let us take a look at your current organic standing and find ways for you to improve your online presence, especially in maps!

Does Social Media Still Have A Place In Bail Bond Marketing Strategy?

The truth is, your potential customers are using Facebook and other social media platforms every single day. The recent move by Facebook to reject advertising dollars generated by the bail bond industry may have made reaching those customers a tad more difficult, but it's far from impossible. 

Getting to know your customer base, helping to meet their needs in the community, and maintaining an active presence on Facebook will help keeep you in contact with potential clients and put top-of-mind if and when they do need bail bond assistance. Sure, it may take a little more creative thinking to figure out ways to "advertise" to your customer base on Facebook, but it's far from impossible. 

We'd love to discuss Social Media Strategies with you! We can help you maintain and even grow your visibility on Facebook and other social media platforms, despite the current advertising climate.


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