Increase Traffic - Increase Sales

Increasing sales:


The ultimate goal for any e-commerce site or Amazon seller is increasing sales. That's a no-brainer. But knowing how to get from a great site, full of fantastic merchandise, to a healthy bottom line with sales that increase quarter after quarter....that part might not be so easy. It may seem impossible to get the world to see just how great your products are, if they won't come on over and take a look. So how do you get customers to visit your site?


Increasing Traffic:


Obviously, the more traffic you have wander through your e-Commerce site, the better. But just getting higher traffic isn't necessarily going to bring you higher sales. The real trick is to get the right kind of traffic, what we like to call “better traffic.” Knowing your market and your customer can help you optimize your site to attract your ideal customer. The more traffic you can get from your ideal customer, the more your sales are bound to be.


Who is your ideal customer?


It's worth spending some time thinking about who wants what you've got. Who is that guy, out there in the vast internet universe, who is just dying to get his hands on what you're selling? Is it a guy? Or is a woman past fifty? A girl in her late teens? Who is it that wants the gadgets and gizmos that you're selling. Get inside that person's head and figure out how to sell directly to that person.

Are you ready to optimize?


If you've done your keyword research, and identified your ideal customer, you may be ready to optimize your site. Optimizing your site means changing it to attract more of the kind of traffic you're looking for. It also means making changes that help the search engines understand exactly what your website is about, what you're selling, and how you can help people solve problems. If you haven't taken a look at the technical side of SEO, you'll want to check that out first. Creating a good SEO strategy can seem overwhelming, but it makes all the difference in the bottom line.


Optimizing your site

Once you've made sure that the technical side of SEO has been taken care of, you can focus on optimizing your product descriptions and other areas of your site to attract more customers. The words you place in these areas of your site are called on page content. It may seem difficult to find places for on page content on an e-Commerce site, but utilizing the spaces you have is key to making sure your customers can find you.


Product Descriptions


Make the most of your product descriptions. Don't be satisfied with one or two lines that describe the size, color and weight of your product. Really dig into the details of your product, referring back to the keyword research and search terms that you've determined your ideal customer is likely to use.


Home Page


Your home page is an opportunity to introduce your website, your company, and your products to the world using words. Don't be stingy. Refer back to your search term and keyword research to use the kind of language and references that will appeal to your ideal customer.


About Us


Use the ABOUT US page to highlight the features that set your company or website apart. Be generous with your words, and speak to the person you're trying to attract to your site.


 Amazon Listings 

If you're an e-Commerce site that also sells on Amazon, you can kill two birds with one stone. Good search term research for your Amazon listings can help you revamp your product bullet points, long descriptions, and off page elements to generate higher search results on Amazon. You can then turn around and use those same bullet points and descriptions, as well as the search term research, to optimize your e-Commerce site. As you generate more traffic in both places, your sales will increase accordingly.

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